When Celebrities Tweet: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Puzzling Use of Social Media

It somehow became front page (of my Facebook) news recently that Sarah Jessica Parker began tweeting. This sudden interest in SJP’s online life is unsurprising for a couple of reasons: She is obviously well known for her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and her style is closely followed by fashionistas. But it’s also confusing. Primarily because she doesn’t seem to be very good at this social media thing at all. But also because her twitter icon is a far-too-close-for-comfort picture of what I am guessing is her eye. She has not yet personalized her profile in any other way. And she posts a lot for a first time twitter user, but all of her posts are pretty strange. They’re either:


or not spell checked, making for some awkward moments,

or pictures of lackluster meals,

or mundane pictures from her newly created Instagram account.

Celebrities! They’re just like us!

Obviously, there’s nothing offensive or terrible about these tweets, they’re just not very good. Which is particularly frustrating because she is a well respected and liked actress and, judging by her instant popularity online, has the brand already intact to become a Twitter sensation. Despite her having the Twitter account since 2011, she clearly did not prepare in a strategic way for her debut on the platform at all. While there is something to be said for authentic tweets,  there is such a thing as too authentic. Hiring someone to help create a social media plan and build a blueprint to match your brand is necessary to be successful in the long term and is never a bad idea. When a person has the brand, expertise, and personality to be a successful social media star, its confusing when they don’t take the time and energy to do so. I like Sarah Jessica Parker, and she could do such a great job tweeting more about things she knows and make her who she is: fashion, her life, and her career as an actress.

A similar scenario unfolded recently with Martha Stewart and Twitter. Despite being a famous celebrity chef and cookbook author, she has proven to be a terrible Twitter food journalist. She recently attracted buzz on Twitter because of a particularly humorous series of poorly taken photos of questionable looking meals. Her problems on Twitter could be easily solved by the use of the flash on her iPhone and a social media expert. So why hasn’t she hired anyone yet?

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Martha Stewart prove that just because someone is an expert at something, doesn’t mean that they are an expert at communicating about that something. At the end of the day, everyone could use some help crafting a perfect social media persona. It’s obviously not as easy as it looks, even for celebrities. Luckily for me and my classmates, it doesn’t look like social media jobs will become superfluous for a while.


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